Recovery Center for Cocaine Use in Mexico

Some clients have a diagnosed substance use disorder for their cocaine use, and some do not, but all clients who come to our center share a commitment to their recovery from cocaine and/or crack.

In conjunction with the calm, beautiful grounds that our treatment center provides, we give our clients experiential activities and therapeutic processes to improve their entire mindset, so that their recovery can last.

Our center is typically a destination for those who have completed a medically-supervised initial detoxification. If you are still in need of completing a safe and comfortable alcohol detox, you can call us and we can assist you with our recommendations on where you can receive the necessary care.

Treating the Entire Person

We address substance abuse disorders in the mind, body, and spirit. We admire your courage in seeking out treatment for addictive substance use, so our process is uplifting and non-judgemental. Our program combines evidence-based therapeutic practices, community support, and holistic programming.

Our holistic approach focuses on helping the person find balance and harmony in all parts of life and not just combating the substance use. Our program combines evidence-based practices: therapy, experiential activities, and holistic programming.

Your daily group therapy will explore topics such as:

At the heart of our approach lies our unwavering commitment to The 4 C's Compassion, Community, Connection, and  Consistency™, infusing them into every aspect of our operation. We believe in delivering individualized substance use treatment with integrity, and adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Available physical and recreational activities include:

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