Treating Problematic Alcohol Use at our Luxury Rehab Center in Mexico

Some clients have a diagnosis of an alcohol use disorder (AUD), some do not, but all clients who come to our center share a commitment to their recovery.  No matter your personal background, our clinical staff wants to get to know you and understand your goals so that we can support you in achieving them.

Our private, safe, and secluded location in Baja California Sur allows our clients to focus on the inner work necessary to overcome their problematic use of alcohol.

Components of our residential rehabilitation program include:

Our center is a destination for those who have completed a medically-supervised initial detoxification.  If you are still in need of completing a safe and comfortable alcohol detox, you can call us and we can assist you with our recommendations on where you can receive the necessary care.

Personalized Treatment: A “You-Guided” Approach

We work from a person-centered lens because we are passionate about listening to and trying to understand you in a way that says you are the “expert” of your own life. Our job is to hear and try to see things through your eyes, letting you decide if we’re seeing and hearing accurately.

We want to hear what happened to you and what is blocking you from being able to be who you want to be. We want to hear what you live with. We want to hear how brave you’ve been to face what scares and threatens you by yourself. And, if you’ll let us, we want to go to those dark, painful places with you, and find out what’s hurting there and what it needs to heal.

Your daily activities will include:

Treating the Entire Person

Our holistic approach focuses on helping the person find balance and harmony in all parts of life and not just combating the substance use. Our program combines evidence-based practices: therapy, experiential activities, and holistic programming.

Your daily group therapy will explore topics such as:

At the heart of our approach lies our unwavering commitment to The 4 C's: Compassion, Community, Connection, and  Consistency™, infusing them into every aspect of our operation. We believe in delivering individualized substance use treatment with integrity, and adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Available physical and recreational activities include:

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