A Healing Sanctuary For Your Recovery

Find Serenity and Renewal at After the Storm in Todos Santos, Baja California.

Your Destination for Recovery

Come to our healing environment and take the time to focus on your recovery. Once you arrive at After the Storm (in Spanish: Después De La Tormenta), you can pause and start the healing and transformational work that will allow your recovery to continue when you return home.

We have created a process and cultivated a safe and healing environment for our clients to successfully recover from problematic substance use.  When you make a commitment to our month-long residential recovery program, our clinical staff will guide you through the transformative rehabilitation experience that prioritizes compassionate and individualized care.  Throughout the process, you will be in comfortable accommodations amidst the natural beauty of Todos Santos.

The 4C’s: Compassion, Community, Connection, Consistency™

After the Storm’s philosophy can be summed up in The 4 C's Compassion, Community, Connection, and  Consistency™. Many cutting-edge views of addiction are aligned with our belief that any addictive behaviour is aimed at finding a sense of safety after our coping and natural resiliency have been completely overwhelmed.

At the forefront of addiction models is the Biopsychosocial-Spiritual model of addiction, upon which our program is built. This model affirms that there is not usually a single “cause” of addiction, rather addiction is a culmination of ways that one has been wounded in different, but critically connected, areas of life.

After the Storm is built around an intensive, 24-hour program designed to offer clients a chance to slow down, breathe, and try to release a white-knuckled grip on a dissolving world. We ask clients to try to trust our staff to let us take care of them, to let our staff learn to understand clients, and for clients to explore what we could offer that would be most useful in supporting their change and recovery, and learning how to feel genuine joy.

Our team has extensive personal and professional experience with recovery, and it is led by Bill Arbuckle, who holds a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology. Our treatment center is designed to accommodate an intimate group, ensuring that you will receive personalized attention throughout each day.

Healing Environment in Baja California Sur

Who Comes to After the Storm?

Men and women who are legal adults and are ready for real change in their lives, come here to take advantage of our clinical process and our private and unique location. By traveling to our destination, the men and women who come to After the Storm are able to focus on the inner work necessary to overcome their problematic use of drugs or alcohol. Our center is typically a destination for those who have completed a medically-supervised initial detoxification. After the Storm is a non-smoking facility.

What Makes After the Storm Recovery Center so Unique?

We will create and facilitate your individualized recovery experience at our therapeutic retreat in the small Mexican town of Todos Santos. We admire your courage in seeking out treatment for addictive substance use, so our process is non-judgemental and strengths-based.  Our program combines evidence-based therapeutic practices, community support, and holistic programming.

The transformative power of After the Storm is rooted in our client-first philosophy. Our program is specifically and consciously aimed at hearing and understanding each client to acknowledge and celebrate who they are and to appreciate the exhaustion of how they’ve managed to cope for so many years.

Building on clients’ coping and strengths, we want to support learning and changing in the ways that would be most useful to each individual. We never want our clients to feel alone. Theories of co-regulation and relational trauma posit that not much else can deeply wound humans as much as forced loneliness and shame, and much trauma stems from chaotically unstable environments with relationships that can’t be trusted. We want someone to know as soon as they call us, that we will be looking for ways to offer unwavering support and remain as close to them as they need us to be.

Embrace a Brighter Tomorrow:

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