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The 4C Framework™ at After the Storm Recovery

We want to share more about our 4C Framework™, which is our practical and inclusive system that meets you where you’re at on your recovery journey.
Our 4C Framework™ permeates everything we do at After the Storm and supports our 3-pronged approach to treatment:
  1. Addressing surface-level usage behaviors
  2. Investigating underlying causes and trauma through intensive therapeutic programming
  3. Practical application planning to sustain learning and new behaviors through transition planning and aftercare

To read more about the 4C Framework™, view our digital brochure, or download the pdf brochure here.

Keep in mind that some of the benefits of travelling to a destination like After the Storm to pursue recovery include:
  • A highly confidential, private experience
  • Being Removed from the triggers and demands of a home environment
  • Being able to focus 100% on their healing, recovery work
  • An intimate setting, immersed in tranquil, serene, natural beauty
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After the Storm is a sanctuary of hope and  a catalyst for lasting change. Together, we hope to work to overcome the storms of addiction and emerge into a brighter future.



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